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Seaside Bookshelf with hooks

Item number: 021510

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Dimensions: w60 × d19 × h51 cm


Little white bookshelf in classic design with 4 hooks for the children's room. The classic bookshelf may also be used in the hall or by the changing table. Use this shelf for practical things or for decoration with small items.

The shelf is made of  birch wood and MDF, which is engineered wood consisting of 60% birch, 20% pine and 20% aspen wood. MDF is very strong and durable.

The non-visible screws give the shelf a clean and exclusive design and is a defining trade of Oliver Furniture. The visually light expression makes the shelf easy to combine with any other interior, where it will seem traditional and modern, elegant and unpretentious. 

The shelf is made in Europe and comply with European safety standards and norms. The shelf is painted with non-toxic, water-based paint.