Mattress for Wood co-sleeper 42 x 82 cm

Item number: 041837

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The mattress is made of 100% certified cold foam. This cold foam mattress is comfortable and highly breathable. Cold foam is an elastic type of foam with a long lifespan. It easily regains its shape after use and has high load-bearing capacity. The mattress is of medium density.

The mattress has a cotton cover in a heavy quality. The cover is naturally coloured, unbleached and quilted with 100% pure wool. The advantages of wool are that the material keeps the body warm when cold, and vice versa gives off heat, when the body is too warm.

The cover can be machine washed at a maximum of 30°.

Our mattresses are sustainably produced in Europe.

Materials: Oeko-Tex certified cold foam, cotton cover quilted with European and New Zealand wool.
Dimensions: w 42 x l 82 x h 5 cm