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Wood baby & toddler rocker, oak/rose

Item nr.: 041617
Sale price€399,00

Wood baby & toddler rocker, with its beautiful design and delicate expression, is a stylish alternative to the traditional baby bouncer chair. The baby rocker is practical when the baby is little and the tasks many. The baby rocker satisfies the baby's need for movement - like in the womb - as well as accommodating the parent's need for a few minutes' hands-frees'. The easy motion powered by the baby's own movement and rhythm has a calming and stimulating effect, which makes the baby rocker suitable as a base for both entertainment and relaxation. The baby rocker position can also be locked, which is optimal when the baby is being fed or for quiet times. As with all baby bouncers, the baby rocker is intended for shorter periods only under parental supervision. Wood baby rocker is designed for both baby and parents: for the possibility of briefly dancing to the beat of their own drum.

The baby & toddler rocker has a purpose of well-conceived design and functionality with the intention of a long lifespan. When the sweet baby time is over, the soft baby cushion, which forms the upper part of the seat, can be removed and the baby rocker transforms into a beautiful toddler rocker for many years to come. Toddlers up to 7 years/25 kg can read, play, relax and enjoy cosy moments in the toddler rocker. The low weight and the strong design make it easy for the children to move the toddler rocker around the house. For Oliver Furniture, a long lifespan equals better sustainability.

The baby rocker & toddler rocker is defined by its classic Nordic design language. The rounded details create a visual lightness and effortless expression - just like the chair's simple, soft form is appealing and reassuring for the small child.