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Wood Original junior day bed, white

Item nr.: 041450
Sale price€959,00

The Wood Original junior day bed serves a dual purpose: as a cosy bed with protective sides at night and as a delicate sofa with pillows along the backrest during the day. The junior day bed is easily styled with pillows, throws and covers to create an inviting universe for small personalities with big dreams - both day and night. With its delicate dimensions of 160 cm in length, the junior day bed is ideal as the first real bed in a small children's room. Even though the junior bed is shorter than a normal bed, there is still room for mum or dad to lie next to their child and read a bedtime story.

The junior day bed can be fitted with a bed guard for increased safety. Over time, it can be converted to an adult length of 2 meters or to a completely different bed in the same bed series. The conversion options help to extend the lifetime of the bed, as it can be used for many years into adulthood.

The bed is part of the Wood Original bed series, which is designed in a Nordic style inspired by the 50s, where soft lines add a special touch to the beds. The series is offered in two different models: one with legs in beautiful, white-oiled solid oak and one in all-white with legs in solid birch.