Junior bed – inclusive conversion kit to bed 200 cm

As the small child grows older and is ready to leave the crib or the cot there are many requirements and possibilities for the first real bed. Today´s parents look for kids´ beds in cool design with high functionality and long life span.Why not get all this in one bed?

The junior bed with the bed sides of 160 cm offers safety for the kid and more space in the room. As the kid grows older the junior bed sides can be converted with bed sides 200 cm and then the kid has a normal bed for many years.

021203 Seaside jr. bed incl. conversion kit bed 200 cm
041409 Wood jr. bed white, incl. conversion kit bed 200 cm
041920 Wood jr. bed oak, incl. conversion kit bed 200 cm

Please note that all Oliver Furniture beds are flexible and can over time be converted to match the kids´ growth, needs and development.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information on the different conversion kits and possibilities.