Wood co-sleeper and Wood bench

Wood co-sleeper is a beautifully designed baby bed, which bears both the baby’s and the parent’s need for being close and snug in the first months. The bed, with its safety-approved design, accommodates a variety of needs: Continuous height adjustment ensures a precise relationship with the parents’ bed, which, however, the baby cannot roll into....Read more

Seaside Lille+

The Seaside Lille+ is a curated selection of convertible beds perfect for growing children and expanding families. Seaside Lille+ basic is the ultimate first bed for your child, designed to follow your child’s sleeping needs from baby to 9 years. From classic cot bed to junior bed, Lille+ basic can be set in five different...Read more

Seaside dresser & nursery dresser with 6 drawers

The Seaside nursery dresser with 6 drawers beautifully combines function with storage. The 6 spacious drawers provide ample space for nursery essentials – keeping them at hand, so that you never have to turn away from your baby. The nursery top’s rounded edges and the generous amount of space makes for a comfortable changing environment...Read more

Wood desk & armchair

Wood desk is, with its delicate measurements and numerous functions, an easy choice in the child or teenager’s room. It also works well in a corner of the living room or kitchen nook. The table has two heights which are achieved with interchangeable legs. It is equipped with two A4-sized drawers, and a hidden shelf...Read more

Seaside nursery dresser and dresser with 4 drawers

Seaside nursery dresser beautifully combines the nursing function with the necessary storage of baby’s clothes, diapers and muslin cloth diapers. In the dresser the clean lines are combined with the classic and timeless design which defines the Seaside Collection; a series of classic furniture for the children’s room. When the nursery top is no longer...Read more


Seaside junior low loft bed is created to accommodate the need for a stylish low loft bed in the smaller children’s room. With its limited size, the bed is suitable in rooms where a normal sized bunk or loft bed would seem too dominating. By the carefully conceived design, the low loft bed allows for...Read more


As the name suggests, the Seaside junior daybed serves a dual purpose: as a cosy bed with protective sides at night, and as a delicate sofa with personal pillows along the backrest during the day. Its measurement makes it suitable for the small children’s room, a corner of the living room, a wide hallway, or...Read more

Wood Lounger

As the name suggests, Wood Lounger is a comfortable bed doubling as a stylish daybed. Given its simple and timeless design, the Wood Lounger is equally suitable for the child or teenager’s room as in the living room. In both the classic and the extended version, the quiet elegance makes it easy to combine the...Read more

Wood Mini+ junior bed

The new Mini+ junior bed is designed to accommodate the need for a quality solution in a small children’s bedroom. With its generous measurements but small stature, the Mini+ junior bed is the perfect place to create a safe and nice atmosphere for the small child. The junior bed can be fitted with a bed...Read more

Wood Mini+ low bunk bed

The new Mini+ low bunk bed is designed to accommodate the need to sleep two in a small children’s bedroom. Mini+ low bunk bed is with the generous measurements but small stature well suited in rooms where the classic bunk bed from the Wood Collection may seem too large. Mini+ low bunk bed suits siblings...Read more

Wood Mini+ (cot/bed, 0-9 years)

  Wood Mini+ covers the first years needs of a cot bed with functions like a bottom which can be raised and lowered and sides which can be easily mounted and unmounted. The bed is designed to grow with the child and can quickly be modified from cot bed to junior bed – with or...Read more

Spring news 2017 Wood Collection

  * VIEW ALL THE NEW FURNITURE * Oliver Furniture beautifully unites form and function in the new pieces of its exclusive Wood Collection, where design originates in sustainability and longevity. These pieces consist of two wardrobes, a multi cabinet, a dresser, and two modular nursery plates. Like the existing products of the Wood Collection,...Read more

Wood collection shelving units

Our new Wood Collection shelving units in innovative Danish design offer many possibilities in the decor of the individual home. The expression is classic Nordic, modern and with simple pure lines. The shelving units combine practicability and design.As a great feature we have also designed boxes for storage to match the shelving units with beautiful...Read more

Wood PingPong toddler furniture

WOOD PINGPONG – NORDIC DESIGN WITH CHARACTER We hereby introduce our new PingPong furniture for the little ones. PingPong kid’s furniture is part of the Wood Collection. It consists of table, chair and stool. PingPong is ideal for the youngest kids. The PingPong furniture is very comfortable and stable and the design is very modern...Read more

Wood cot – New design

WOOD COT – NEW DESIGN Wood Collection cot bed is the smallest bed of this stunning new Nordic range of rounded edge Scandinavian children’s bedroom furniture for children. This Wood cot bed is wonderfully designed, innovative and the quality of the lacquer finish is very high. It´s made of solid birch and oak wood and...Read more

Junior bed – inclusive conversion kit to bed 200 cm

As the small child grows older and is ready to leave the crib or the cot there are many requirements and possibilities for the first real bed. Today´s parents look for kids´ beds in cool design with high functionality and long life span.Why not get all this in one bed? The junior bed with the...Read more

Wood Collection

The Wood Collection is an entirely new unique and aesthetic bed series of high quality for kids and young people. The Wood Collection has a soft expression with its rounded edges and innovative design. The beautiful Nordic oak is a new element which adds a twist of natural edge and urban look to the design....Read more