Seaside day bed

Seaside day bed with bars and simple lines. The day bed can be well used in the kids’ room for the older child, guest room or in the living room as a bed or sofa. The bed is very cosy when it is filled with pillows.
All beds from the Seaside Collection can be converted into any other Seaside bed except the cot by purchasing a conversion kit with extra parts. For more information and prices please contact us by phone or mail.

021216 – Day bed, white
Dimensions: W:97 x L:207 x H:75 cm
021833 – Cold foam mattress for day bed
Dimensions: W:90 x L:200 x H:13 cm
031221 – Bed guard, white
Dimensions: W:2,5 x L:100 x H:38 cm
031224 – Bed drawer, white
Dimensions: W:94 x L:182 x H:23 cm
031225 – Trundle bed, white
Dimensions: W:94 x L:182 x H:23 cm

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