Seaside Lille+ low loft bed

Seaside Lille+ low loft bed is designed to accommodate the need for a quality solution in a small children’s room. With its generous measurements but small stature, Lille+ low loft bed is ideal in the smaller children’s room and will ensure a safe and secure environment for the small child.
Lille+ low loft bed fits the young schoolchild and offers, in its well-conceived design, a space under the bunk for the child to create a cosy hangout for play and friends. Lille+ low loft bed can also be equipped with an optional cosy roof top, for which textiles are also available in different colours.

When your child outgrows any kind of Lille+ bed, the simple classic design easily converts into a beautiful sofa decorated with cushions and a soft blanket, where the whole family can continue to enjoy time together. Seaside Lille+ supports Oliver Furnitures foundational principal of aesthetic sustainability: We create furniture which in design as well as quality can follow the family for generations.

Seaside Lille+ is produced in solid birch wood. Like all other items from Oliver Furniture, Seaside Lille+ is made in Europe and designed to meet the strict EU norms for safety and health. We use the best possible materials, and finished products are treated with only non-toxic water-based lacquer and paint. Non-visible screws – a defining trait of Oliver furniture – emphasises the design and impeccable quality of our products.

All Lille+ beds can be purchased separately or transformed into another bed in the Lille+ series by purchasing a conversion kit. The Lille+ beds are smaller in both width and length than the regular Seaside Collection beds and are ideal in a small children’s room. We also offer mattresses in Oeko-Tex certified cold foam in similar dimensions.

The ladder can be mounted on both sides of the bed.

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021253 – Seaside Lille+ low loft bed
Dimension – W:74 x L:174 x H:136 cm
Dimension Lille+ roof top included – W:74 x L:174 x H:208 cm

Additional purchase:
021827 – Mattress Seaside Lille+
Dimension – W:68 x L:168 x H:12 cm
021838 – Play mattress Seaside Lille+ low loft bed
Dimension – W:68 x L:168 x H:5 cm
021256 – Seaside Lille+ roof top
Dimension – W:74 x L:174 x H:72 cm
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