Kids dressers

Kids dressers

Seaside dresser with 4 drawers

With its simple design and modest measurements, Seaside dresser with 4 drawers is the obvious choice for the children’s room. The dresser has 4 solid and spacious drawers, which effortlessly run on high quality rails, while a special ‘soft lock’-function dampens the closing. The Seaside dresser is designed to accommodate the need for anything from...Read more

Seaside dresser

*** Discontinued February 2020 *** Seaside dresser with slide rack. 021314 – Seaside dresser, white Dimensions: W:91 x H:91 x D:49 cm 021315 – Nursery top, white Dimensions: W:93 x H:9 x D:70 cmRead more

Seaside dresser with curved front

Beautiful and aesthetic kids’ dresser with a classic curved front. The dresser has 4 spacious drawers, and the drawers run on high quality ball bearings. The kids dresser can also be purchased with a nursery top (021318). 091412 – Dresser, white Dimensions: W:90 x D:50 x H:90 cm 021318 – Nursery plate, white Dimensions: W94 x...Read more