Baby and toddler furniture

Wood bench, white/oak

Wood bench is a small piece of furniture with a great personality. In its intriguing design language, the bench will quickly become the child’s favourite furniture – whether it is placed in the child’s own room, or in the kitchen or living room. The bench can be adjusted in height and thereby follow the child...Read more

Wood holder for bed canopy & mobile, oak

With the refined small wooden holder in solid oak, the functionality of the Wood co-sleeper is further expanded. The holder, which is easily mounted to the co-sleeper, functions as a natural base for a captivating mobile which can stimulate the baby’s senses. The holder can also be used to support the bed canopy which, besides...Read more

Wood co-sleeper incl. bench conversion, white/oak

A MULTIFUNCTIONAL BABY BED — CO-SLEEPER, CRADLE, BENCH Wood co-sleeper is a beautifully designed baby bed, which bears both the baby’s and the parent’s need for being close and snug in the first months. At the same time the design accommodates the practical context of nursing and caring, and it ensures the necessary sleep for...Read more