Wood shelving unit 5×1

Wood shelving unit 5×1 – new at Oliver Furniture. Shelving unit with 5 compartments. The shelf is designed to either mount it to a wall or place it on the ground on a base that you can purchase. It fits perfect into a children’s room. The shelf has a classic Nordic design that gives it numerous application possibilities. The neutral design fits to nearly all interior styles. In a children’s room it is ideal for the storage of books, smaller toys or favourite cuddly toys.Additional accessories for this shelf are storage boxes and shelf boards to further subdivide the shelf compartments. The extra storage boxes, that can be placed individually, have a white front side and an oak wood front side. On each there is a leather handle. If the shelf is placed on the base, the top can be used as a bench to sit on and we have designed a cushion for the small ones to sit softly. All our children’s furniture and adult furniture is produced sustainably in Europe.

041322 – Wood shelving unit 5×1 w. support, white
Dimensions: W:174 x H:36 x D:36 cm
041333 – Wood shelving unit 5×1 w. base, white
Dimensions: W:174 x H:43 x D:36 cm

041332 – Boxes, white/oak – 2 pcs.
Dimensions: W:32 x D:32 x H:32
041328 – Boxes, white/oak – 3 pcs.
Dimensions: W:32 x D:32 x H:32
041330 – Extra shelves, white – 3 pcs.
Dimensions: W:33 x D:33 x H:1,2
041331 – Extra shelves, white – 5 pcs. 
Dimensions: W:33 x D:33 x H:1,2
041346 – Cushion for shelving unit 5×1, nature
Dimensions: B:174 x D:35 x H:3,4
041344 – Leather strap for cushion, 2 pcs.

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