Spring news 2017 Wood Collection



Oliver Furniture beautifully unites form and function in the new pieces of its exclusive Wood Collection, where design originates in sustainability and longevity. These pieces consist of two wardrobes, a multi cabinet, a dresser, and two modular nursery plates.

Like the existing products of the Wood Collection, the new additions are defined by an attention to detail. With rounded corners facing both outwards and towards the wall, an optical lightness is achieved, which is simple and inviting. The sides of the wardrobes and dresser are designed with integrated, rounded hooks for hanging everything from the days’ outfit to ballet shoes or bathrobes. With a light push the hooks integrate with the side of the furniture, giving them both a decorative and practical function. Hooks and footings come in solid oak or white lacquered birch, and – like the handmade leather pulls – add to the quality of the handcrafted furniture.

The new furniture is well suitable for the nursery as well as for other rooms such as the bed room, living room or in the hallway.

The new wardrobes, multi cupboard, dresser and nursery plates are, like all other items from Oliver Furniture, made in Europe and designed to meet the strict EU norms for safety and health. We use the best possible materials, which must pass strict FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) demands for certification, and finished products are treated with only non-toxic interior lacquer and paint. Non-visible screws – a defining trade of Oliver furniture – emphasise the design and impeccable quality of our products. The new pieces are part of our exclusive Wood Collection, which seeks to highlight the natural layers of beauty hiding in wood as a material.