Get inspired:Wood shelving units

Wood shelving unit 5×2

This shelving unit from the Wood Collection has 10 compartments – 5 horizontal and 2 vertical. The shelf can be mounted to the wall or, through purchase of an additional base, be placed on the floor. This gives a lot of possible applications and makes it suitable for combination with many interior styles. Its classical...Read more

Wood shelving unit 5×1

Shelving unit with 5 compartments. The shelf is designed to either mount it to a wall or place it on the ground on a base that you can purchase. It fits perfect into a children’s room. The shelf has a classic Nordic design that gives it numerous application possibilities. The neutral design fits to nearly...Read more

Wood shelving unit 3×5

High shelving unit in Nordic design – an item in the Wood Collection. This shelving unit stands on a solid base and has 15 compartments – 3 horizontally and 5 vertically aligned. It is the largest of our series of shelves in the Wood Collection. It offers a huge storage space for the kid’s rooms...Read more

Wood shelving unit 3×2

Shelving unit with 6 compartments. The shelf from the Wood Collection has a functional design and many possibilities. It can be mounted to a wall or, through purchase of an additional base, be placed on the ground. The design is light and simple in its classic Nordic style. The shelving unit fits into any room,...Read more

Wood shelving unit 3×1

This is the smallest shelving unit in the Wood Collection. The shelf has a welcoming design with a Nordic expression. It can be mounted horizontally to a wall and with an additional base it can also be placed on the floor. This makes it useful in many spaces in the house. It fits into numerous...Read more

Wood shelving unit 2×5

Wood shelving unit 2×5 with base. This high shelving unit in classic Nordic style consists of 10 compartments – 2 horizontal and 5 vertical, which stand on a base. It is a part of our Wood Collection. The simple design gives this shelving unit a light expression with a Nordic concept and makes it easy...Read more