The Importance of Everyday Life

Lore and her family of five cherish everyday life. With the birth of Valentine (8 months), they slowed down but still organised trips like going to the beach, going for walks or gathering with family.

Besides Valentine, Lore and her husband Mathieu have Louis (8) and Victoria (6). "Family is everything. We moved to the new home we built two years ago, and we love it here. We live in the woods, and the kids have a big garden and playground, so playing outside is very important to us," Lore says. On Sundays, they always have "royal" breakfast together. Mathieu always goes to the bakery for the yummiest croissants, and they stay at the table for hours.

You might have seen Lore and her family as she is the creator behind the Instagram profile: @louisvictoriavalentine

What is important in a children's room?

"It needs to be magical. When sitting in the children's rooms, I need to feel like I'm part of a fairytale, and that can be anything, but it's all in the details, lovely books, a little mouse in an air balloon, a princess bed … just like Christmas has this magical vibe, so do the children's rooms. I use many string lights to create that magical feeling."

What is important when looking for children's furniture?

"It needs to match the room, warm materials, functional but cosy. I also like furniture with a past; for example, I used old closets that belonged to a great aunt of mine and repainted them for the kids' closets. It gives the room a real edge in combination with new furniture."

Don't buy everything at the children's department stores; regular interior shops also have beautiful things for decorating your home. Use little details to make it cosy; use pillows and some carpet to cosy things up.

Lore Sauvage

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