What eva loves

The everyday life of Eva and her family is full of friends and happy moments. "When we come home from kindergarten, we always try to do something or meet up with friends". In the summer, it's always outside where we enjoy the sun and cold lemonades, but when the colder weather approaches, the family loves to stay inside, cuddle underneath a warm blanket in the kids' room with a good book.

Eva is the mother of two kids. A girl and a boy. She is behind the profile @what_eva_loves and using the platform to give insight into her family's everyday life. The most important things are, of course, her children and husband. But with a considerable interest in her children's rooms, she is redecorating them and is always looking for new inspiration. "I love it when the house is tidy and clean, which is of course not always easy with two children, but that also has its charm," Eva says.

I don't plan to do a complete decoration of a kids room at one time.
It has to develop and grow; it takes time and shouldn't be rushed. 


When Eva decorates her kids' rooms, the most important thing is that they have to be cosy and feel comfortable. When the children were little, she used to decorate almost entirely towards her taste, but it's getting more and more on the kids' terms as they grow older. But one thing hasn't changed: the focus on timeless furniture that lasts for a long time.

Long-lasting kids furniture is the foundation in the interior of Eva's home. However - she also appreciates the active life for her kids, but it must be a good balance between sitting still, stacking stones, jump around, climbing ribs and in swings. We do not have any rituals or house rules to follow daily, but we prioritise doing things together as a family.

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