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Small Stories

Lilly & the Frenchie

Small Stories

A talk with Lilly

Lilly and her family live in Annecy, France. The family consists of two girls, Rose, born in 2018, Suzon, born in 2019 and their father, Thomas. The two dogs, Scarlett and Joséphine, are very important family members and contribute to their daughters' development.

All days are different; the family gets up early in the morning to walk the dogs. Then they have breakfast together and afterwards head to their chalet in the mountains, which they are renovating entirely by themselves. Lilly looks after the children while Thomas does the work. There is a forest on the grounds of the chalet, and they enjoy spending time with the kids, discovering nature, recognising animal tracks on the ground and making huts.

Lilly works as Art Director and Content Creator.
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" Imagine the room you would have dreamed of as a child. Use a maximum of 3 colours in your decoration and favour storage spaces. A high bed will save you space. "

- Lilly -