Seaside Classic bed guard

Item number: 031221

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Dimensions: l 100 × h 38 × d 2,5 cm


Classic and Nordic design. Robust, safe and easy to attach.

The bed guard can be mounted on the following beds:

021214 Seaside Classic junior bed
021215 Seaside Classic bed
021216 Seaside Classic day bed
021217 Seaside Classic bunk bed w. slant ladder
021219 Seaside Classic bunk bed w. vertical ladder

The bed guard is made of  solid birch wood.

The non-visible screws give the bed guard a clean and exclusive design and is a defining trade of Oliver Furniture, contributing to the design and highlighting the high quality.

The bed guard is made in Europe and comply with European safety standards and norms. The bed guard is painted with non-toxic, water-based paint.