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Kommoder - Oliver Furniture


Oliver Furniture’s dressers are classic and practical pieces with room for everything from toys to pyjamas. We appreciate simple aesthetics, spaciousness, and a long lifespan.
Wood dresser 6 drawers, white/oakWood dresser 6 drawers, white/oak
Wood dresser 6 drawers, white/oak Sale price€1.149,00
Wood dresser 6 drawers, whiteWood dresser 6 drawers, white
Wood dresser 6 drawers, white Sale price€1.149,00
Wood dresser 4 drawersWood dresser 4 drawers
Wood dresser 4 drawers Sale price€809,00
Seaside dresser with 6 drawersSeaside dresser with 6 drawers
Seaside dresser with 6 drawers Sale price€1.145,00
Seaside dresser with 4 drawersSeaside dresser with 4 drawers
Seaside dresser with 4 drawers Sale price€799,00