Wood shelving unit 2x5

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Wood shelving unit 2×5 with base. This high shelving unit in classic Nordic style consists of 10 compartments – 2 horizontal and 5 vertical, which stand on a base. It is a part of our Wood Collection. The simple design gives this shelving unit a light expression with a Nordic concept and makes it easy to enjoy keeping order in it. It is ideal for a children’s room, but is just as well suitable for any other room in the house. Toys, books and many more things can be stored easily. In addition we have designed storage boxes that can be placed individually into the shelf. The compartments can also be subdivided further by additional shelf boards and you can choose individually where to place them. Our storage boxes have a white front side as well as an oak wood front side. You choose which side faces the front and thereby give the shelf its special expression. Both sides are equipped with beautiful leather handles. Our Wood shelving units are of high quality. They are stable and robust to ensure durability. They are produced sustainable in Europe. This shelf can not be mounted to the wall.

Dimensions – H:180 x W:71,5 x D:36 cm

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