Dear April

Embroidered Bean Bag, Songbirds

Item number: 5-104-11

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Dimensions:. Ø: 70 cm x h: 90 cm


Stylish bean bag chair with embroidery inspired by life outside. Invite nature inside with the delicate little birds, leaves and flowers in beautiful shower colours to suit any home. 

The bean bag chair is made from unbleached heavy canvas, where the naturalness of the fabric is evident in the small, delicate nubs in the fabric, which originate from the shell parts of the cotton plant. Unbleached fabric saves nature from unnecessary chemicals, such as bleaches and dyes. And we think it doesn't get more beautiful than here in its pure, natural colour. The chair has a nice and practical handle at the top, making it easy to take around the house. Suitable for children aged 3 and up, but can also be stolen by parents for bedtime reading. 

  • 100% organic cotton, Filling: 100% EPS balls
  • OCS certified
  • Removable cover, machine wash max. 30 degrees.
  • Made in India