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Wood shelving unit 3x1 w. base

Item number: 041335

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Dimensions: w 105,5 × h 43 × d 36 cm
Inside dimensions: w 33 × h 33 × d 33 cm


This is the smallest shelving unit in the Wood Collection. The shelf has a welcoming design with a Nordic expression. This makes it useful in many spaces in the house. It fits into numerous room styles due to its classic design. Our accessories to this shelving unit are spacious storage boxes as well as extra shelf boards, to further subdivide the compartments. Another purchasable accessory is a cushion that transforms the shelf when standing on the base into a bench.

The shelf is also available without base (item no. 041324). This model can be mounted horizontally on the wall.

The Wood shelving units are made of MDF, which is engineered wood consisting of 60% birch, 20% pine and 20% aspen wood. MDF is very strong and durable.

The non-visible screws give the shelving units a clean and exclusive design and are a defining trade of Oliver Furniture. The style is contemporary and the functional, flexible concept make the shelving units easy to integrate.

The shelving units are made in Europe and comply with European safety standards and norms. The products are painted with non-toxic, water-based paint.