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Wood Original low bunk bed, white/oak

Item nr.: 041575
Sale price€2.249,00

The Wood Original low bunk bed is full length but takes up less height than a standard bunk bed, making it an obvious choice for smaller children's rooms.

The low bunk bed encourages togetherness and is suitable for siblings who share a room or for a child with many cosy sleepovers. The low height is perfect for younger children; it's not far for the child to climb up, and parents can kiss goodnight from the side of the bed.

The steps on the ladder are wide so that the child can get up and down easily and safely. The ladder is on the left side of the bed. The lower bunk can be supplemented with a bed guard for increased safety.

The low bunk bed can advantageously be converted into two separate beds or sofa beds at a later time. The sustainable design of the bed series makes it possible to adapt the bed to the changing needs of the modern family.

The bed, with its wonderful 50s look that brings back memories of old trams, is part of the Wood Original bed series, where soft lines add a special touch to the beds. The series is offered in two different models: one with legs in beautiful, white-oiled solid oak and one in all-white with legs in solid birch.



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